How to arrange materials in warehouses

Warehouse is the place where the materials will be stored before moving to the customers or showrooms. Warehouses are functioning as a transit center between the manufacturer and the trader. When the world is running fast, the goods should be moved fast to the retail counters or to the showrooms. In other words, the availability of the products in the market is essential to catch more business in this era of tough competition. Hence, proper arrangement of goods is required in the warehouse.


  • First step in storing the materials in a warehouse is to segregate them according to the nature of the products.
  • Fast moving products should be kept near to the entrance whereas the slow moving products can be kept at the rear end of the warehouse.
  • The racks or any other storage system used to store the materials should have enough space to exhibit the labels. This will help even the new people to find out the required material fast.
  • Enough lighting should be provided in the area where the stocks are kept.
  • There should be enough space in between the racks to facilitate easy movement of the materials.
  • If the warehouse is huge and lots of materials are to be kept, it is better to use mechanized systems to move the materials in and out of the warehouse. This will make the movement of the materials faster and at the same time you can reduce manpower too.

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When you want to manage the warehouse properly, you should rely only on proper storage systems. Warehouse rack manufacturers are coming out with numerous storage systems, and it is your duty to identify the best one that suites your requirements. The basic thing should be the effective utilization of space available in the warehouse. At the same time, it has to be taken care that the storage system will not obstruct the free movement of people or materials inside the warehouse. It is always better for the warehouse to have large doors to enter. This will reduce the loading and unloading of the materials as the vehicles can come inside the warehouse to some extent.


When you are planning for a good warehouse, the first thing should be to visit one or more warehouse rack manufactures to get an idea about various storage systems. If you cannot go physically, you can have information through their websites. Once you gather the information, you can analyze your requirements to find out the best storage system.

Once you have identified the storage system, the next step is to identify the manufacturer. Here, you should take the opinions of those who are using such systems. You can get an idea about the quality of different brands from various websites providing products reviews and through various open discussion forums.

You should realize that the warehouse is the heart of operations in any Indian business. Everything depends on the speed of movement of articles from the warehouse. Hence, you should give special consideration while arranging warehouse and should do it with extra care.



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