Real Estate as and never before

Real estate in Dehradun is going through a transition phase and is on an upward curve. If one is willing to invest in real estate in the country, then Dehradun has to be the obvious choice. The present boom in the real estate in Dehradun is primarily driven by the growth of the Indian economy. This boom is accompanied by rising disposable incomes of the Indian population. The consumption of an average Indian household has increased, and this has led to the retail revolution. This is one of the most main components of the real estate market in the state. This is accompanied by the rise of malls in the region.


For real estate to develop in any region, it needs to be accompanied by rapid infrastructural development along with increasing land rates. In the case of development of Dehradun, proper infrastructure has provided the impetus. This has been possible by infrastructural developments like roads. Along with all this, it is a common notion that the big cities are cramped for spaces, and there is congestion all round the place. Dehradun is no exception, and its close proximity to New Delhi , which is a mere 230 kms works out be an icing on the cake. In addition to this, the value of real estate in the region is enhanced due to the investments in IT in the region. A high technology software park is being set up in the area, which is spread over 60 acres of land. What is all the more special about the park is that all the facilities are present in the park itself.

Coupled with all these factors, Dehradun is blessed with natural beauty. On all counts, it is one of the popular tourist destinations in the country.  In addition to this, some of the top educational institutions along with the head of military set ups have set up here.  During the retired stages in life, one wants to stay in a cool and calm environment, and, for the elderly, Dehradun is the perfect option. Not forgetting to mention the fact that the younger population in recent times have also flocked to the city due to better job opportunities, zero crime rates, infrastructural development of the highest order and superior education facilities.

So, on all counts, the property Dehradun in India is at an all time high. So if one is an investment quandary, this is the right time to invest. A lot of websites are there where one can get details about the property they are looking. In fact, it presents the perfect platform for the sellers along with the buyers to come to a common point. In addition to this, one can avail the help of real estate agencies. A professional touch is added to your property search, but, in hindsight, one needs to spend a few extra shillings for their level of services.

Author’s Bio

In the real estate circles, the author is known for his acumen in real estate investment. Currently, he is a part time consultant to the BhoomiSewa group.